Press plumbing fittings

1、Cutting pipe
   cut the pipe by cutting device, to prevent the seal ring from being broken, please remove the burr by special hair remover or file.
2、Line drawing
  draw the line on pipe end by line drawer to ensure the insertion length of pipe, and to avoid the release of pipe.
3、Pipe insertion
  straight insert the pipe into pipe piece, don’t touch rubber ring, and confirm the 3mm distance between pipe-piece end and line-drawing place.

4、Seal pressure
  aim the ring concave part of seal-pressure tool at ring protruding part of pipe piece end to make seal-pressure.

5、Seal-pressure size confirmation
  confirm if the size is correct by hexangular gauge, and correct when the seal-pressure part is entirely inserted into hexangular gauge, which is to avoid that the seal-pressure tool is broken.
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