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The UHT beat superhigh temperature instant is antiseptic machine 

Product''s name:Automation H.T.S.T/U.H.T plate high (super)temperature sterilization complete sets of equipment
Product''s series:series A
   The plate sterilization complete sets of equipment is specially designed for da-iry products, fruit juice,drink and similar liquid material as one -stage sterili-zation equipment. It is ideal equipment for the goal to prolong the time of preserving fresh-ness through sterilization and coolness.
  According to the various technology request from customers for heating ste-rilization heat-preservation, coolness of various material ,we can design several process combination to meet technology standard and make the equipment has all kinds of safeguard measures, the character of high-temperature alarm and reflux Meantime, we can and high-accuracy automation control system. according to the requirement of customers.
  Use Range: Dairy products, Fruit juice30, Drink, Syrup, Sauce
  Vinegar Specifications
  1:production capacity:1-10T/h
  2:Sterilization temperature:85-137
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