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Isotropic machine 

High pressure homogenizer is a special equipment of the liquid material thinning and high pressure transportation.
This equipment is widely used in the production, scientific research and technical development of a lot of areas, such as: food, dairy food, drink, pharmacy, chemical industry, biological technology and so on.
1、  Be used as high pressure homogenizer
It can cause the material thinning and mixture under the three action of extruding, strong impacting and decompression inflating. It is an important equipment of food, dairy food, drink processing and so on.
It can cause the fat globule thinning while homogenating under the high pressure to the milk, soy milk this kind of dairy food. And cause its products to be easy to digest and absorb, and to improve the dietary value.
It can improve the fineness and the fraction void of the fluid material, as well as its intrinsic quality, while be used in the processing of ice cream this kind of production.
If be used in the producing of emulsion, glue, fruit juice, syrup and so on, it will prevent or reduce the delamination of the material, improve the appearance of the material, and make the luster more bright, the fragrant thicker and tasting mellower.
2、  Be used as high pressure delivery pump
It is an important equipment during the production of powdered medicine, as the fluid material produce high pressure when through the equipment, and be made to powder after through the spray drying device.
This equipment also can be used in the homogenating, high-pressure transportation and the high-pressure spray situation of other fluid materials.
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