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KS-2000-1 automatic liquid pouring lia screw-in machine 
It uses the step-forward continual running mode, man-made pouch placing, auto filling, man-made cap placing, auto cap screw-in, auto pouch unloading.
It is of a nice outlook, compact structure and all the parts contacting liquid are made of edible stainless steel, conforming the food sanitary requirement.
1 . Foreword
The machine is used for filling milk, frozen fruit, fruit juice, wine, clean-agent, beverage etc. liquids, with the sucking pipe, cap and pouch made of PE, aluminum foil, PET etc. materials.
2 . Technical parameters
•  Capacity: 3000bags/h
•  Packing volume: 80-300g adjustable
•  Power: 380V 50Hz
•  Overall power: 1.1KW
•  Overall weight: 500Kg
a. The machine is filling the pouch with a cap.
b. One set of the machine can be supplied in 10 days at present.
c. Five sets can be supplied in 45 days.
Unit Power
External size
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