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A Model Roofed-shaped Packaging Machine applies in filling producing of fresh milk、cream、fermented milk、dairy drinking etc. The performances and automation grade all reach the advanced level in the international same kind products; it is the ideal domestic product, instead of the imported one.
· It is computer controlled from making box、covering、filling、sealing to printing date, and can be operated by a worker only.
· The touching screen display records the situations of the equipment at any time and keep for a long time.
· Troubles warning automatically and can diagnosis to shoot.
· Two ways of covering and uncovering can be used in the same machine.
· Amount: 2000p/hr
· Packaging material: A Model Paper -Plastic compound material
· Volume: 200ml~1000ml
· Filling accuracy:1.5±%
· Storing way: refrigerate
· Overall dimension (L×W×H): 4.3×1.6×3.2m
· Weight: 2000Kg
· Power: 20KW

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