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Model KS-250 fully-automatic non-bacterial brick-shaped pager-case liquid packager 
Applying in producing all assortments of yogurt 、milk、 juice etc .beverage, the whole machine is make of stainless steel in close way ,in filling storehouse ,it adopts air and ultraviolet ray to sterilize, Germany FESTO pneumatic controlling system, CIP automatic cleaning device ,steam pipe sterilization cleaning device .It is the first choice for the automation production of the larger and medium-sized enterprises with the advantage of shaping 、filling sealing and coding automatically.
· It is computer controlled from winding material to product, and can be operated by a worker only
· The touching screen display records the situations of the equipment at any time and keep for a long time
· Check and troubles warning automatically
· Packaging material: Paper-Al-Plastic 6-layer compound matertrial
· Winding diameter: 800m
· Welding way: heating air welding, high-frequency sealing
· Power: 30KW
· Weight of the whole machine: 2500kg
· Body dimension: length 5.0m width2.2m height 4.6m
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